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Gimbal Piston Air Isolators Overcome a Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake

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Kenneth Bart, Director of the Microscopy & Imaging Facility at Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, was testing a sample preparation protocol when a magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck.

earthquake map

At that moment he was using an environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) isolated on a TMC Floor Platform with Gimbal Piston™ air isolators to collect an image of a hydrated specimen of a firefly eye. During the quake, Bart detected movement in his chair and other items in the lab, but the ESEM remained vibration-free. The ESEM images below, taken in variable pressure mode, show the firefly eye with water droplets four minutes before the earthquake (left) and during the quake (right). The images are indistinguishable.

SEM image before earthquake

SEM image taken before the earthquake

SEM image during the earthquake

SEM image taken during the earthquake

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